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The privacy platform that adapts to your business

With caralegal you can map any company structure, no matter how complex, and assign individual authorizations for the respective users.

With caralegal for good and structured teamwork

caralegal supports collaborative work in teams to enable clear and structured work for an unlimited number of users. Through a specific rights and role system, the entire scope of the application is reduced to exactly the functions that all employees individually need.

- Access to the software with individual permissions can be secured through multi-factor authentication.

- Users with different roles are always informed about their and other tasks through clear task management as well as in-app or email notifications.

- The app's dashboard and user interface adapt based on the rights assigned.

- Processing activities created by the respective department can be transmitted directly and within the software to the person responsible for data protection for approval.

Diese und weitere Funktionen im Detail kennenlernen

Unsere Produkt-Expertinnen stellen Ihnen die Funktionen der caralegal Plattform gerne in einem persönlichen Termin vor.

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