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The software that gets your organisation ready for the AI-Act

Better start early to ensure the responsible use of artificial intelligence. The AI governance platform from caralegal helps you to:

Identify and classify AI assets

Analyse AI models in terms of fairness, transparency and bias

Manage and mitigate risks across the entire AI lifecycle

Create a registry of AI applications and assets with the AI governance platform from caralegal
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What it means for your business

Identify regulatory requirements and AI systems

Identify and classify existing and planned AI applications and AI assets based on the requirements catalogue of the AI-Act.

Coordinate interdisciplinary responsibilities

Bring together employees from IT security, data protection, quality management and AI development to clarify responsibilities towards AI governance.

Set up AI governance system and processes

Evaluate existing management systems against the requirements of the AI-Act and define how to manage risks across the entire AI and data lifecycle.
Why caralegal

We combine legal and AI expertise on a user-centred platform

On our platform we provide you with legally verified workflows creating clarity on regulatory requirements and enabling cross-functional collaboration for AI governance.

Get an overview of AI assets in your company

Create an application directory and classify your AI.

Document AI applications and development

Automated risk classification according to the requirements of the AI-Act

Derive a catalogue of requirements

Create a registry of AI applications and AI assets with the AI governance platfrom from caralegal
Enable human collaboration for AI governance

Human collaboration for AI compliance

We provide the structure to bring your compliance and governance teams together.

Structured legal workflow

Intuitive user interface that adapts

Thanks to tasks and comments, everyone works together in one place

Identify risks and measures for AI-assets

Keep an eye on risks and manage them throughout the entire life cycle.

Dashboard for your AI-compliance

Proven risk management and approval workflow

Perform AI compliance audits

Identify and manage AI related risks with the AI governance platform from caralegal

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