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Translate data protection documentation into 28 languages

Discover caralegal, the first multilingual data protection management software that automatically translates your data protection documentation, making collaboration easier. This facilitates data protection management for internationally operating organisations across borders and languages.

Translate data protection documentation into 28 languages

Data protection, protection des données, protección de datos, protezione dei dati, データ保護

No matter what language you use to communicate with your colleagues, your data protection management should not be influenced by language barriers. This is exactly why we have integrated an automated translation function into our data protection management software. The choice of 28 languages is available to you in real time. Involve your colleagues from other parts of the world in the data protection documentation process.

Collaborate internationally with colleagues by automatically translating your privacy documentation.

Collaborate internationally with colleagues

caralegal builds bridges between data protection officers and business units across national and language borders. Benefit from a data protection documentation that is always issued in your national language.

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