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The reminder function for recurring tasks

In keeping with the PDCA cycle, the GDPR requires regular updating of data protection documentation. With caralegal's follow-up function, you stay in control of all tasks and always keep your documentation up to date.

With reminders you can keep your data protection management up to date

Every data protection organization has recurring tasks that need to be completed in regular cycles. This includes updating the list of processing activities and updating the data protection declaration. With the reminder function in the caralegal data protection management software, you can initially set your regular compliance tasks and the software will remind you of them at the desired frequency.

Schedule, assign and track follow-ups

Organize follow-ups for yourself or other team members while maintaining an overview. Recurring tasks can be created in any area of caralegal. Add additional information as a note and link recurring tasks to your document center.

Get to know these and other functions in detail

Our product experts will be happy to introduce you to the functions of the caralegal platform in a personal appointment.

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