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To ensure you have ample time for critical data protection matters, caralegal streamlines and simplifies your privacy activities within a unified platform. Benefit from seamlessly integrated processes.

Features of the
data protection management software

The data protection management software offers your data protection team extensive features for optimizing your data privacy organization. All features are characterised by an intuitive and connected workflow and high user-friendliness.

There is a better way for your data protection management.

Risk management software features

With these features, you derive custom-fit risks for your processing activities and can plan appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Risk recording

Assign specific risks to individual organisational units and responsibilities, laying the foundation for a structured risk analysis.

Risk assessment

Evaluate risks based on measures already taken with regard to the probability of occurrence and the amount of damage.

Risk treatment

Residual risks are inacceptable? Define additional future measures, assign them directly, and use the integrated action catalogues for this purpose.

Risk Matrix / Risk Heatmap

With a comprehensive risk matrix, you can always keep an overview and see the risks for individual processing activities.

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Audit management software features

With these features, you can create tailored questionnaires, automate administrative tasks, and gain control over the entire audit process.

Template editor

With verified templates, flexible question types, and conditional logic, there are no limits to your questionnaires.

Automatic report generation

Your audit report - with answers, comments, and management summary - is generated at the push of a button.

Manage audit results

Prioritize audit findings and assign them as tasks to departments.

Audit assistance

caralegal scans the existing documentation and answers audit questions independently.

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Workflow and collaboration

These cross-platform features are available in all areas of caralegal's Privacy Solution Platform.

Document center

Manage all data protection and compliance-related documents in one central location.

Structured export

Readily exportable: Individual processing activities, data protection impact assessments, or all TOMs and service providers.


Every change to your documentation is stored in a tamper-evident manner. Older content is accessible at any time, sorted by date.

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