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Manage service providers clearly and integrate them in a DSGVO-compliant manner

The data protection management software caralegal gives you a good overview at any time of which processors you use in which processes. The integrated compliance check also supports you in evaluating the subcontracted relationship in terms of data protection law.

Manage external service providers easily and efficiently

As soon as personal data is processed on behalf, a GDPR-compliant order processing agreement (OPA) is required. Manage your service providers easily and quickly with automated checks to see if an order processing contract is required. Synchronization and linking of the directories with each other is automatic.

Assign individual products to your service providers

Do you use different products from certain service providers? If so, you can use caralegal to create the products individually and assign them to the service provider. The products are then linked to the respective processing activities at the same time.

See at a glance where a service provider is used

With caralegal, you always have an overview of the processing activities in which you use your service providers.

Establish compliance of processors

The data protection management software caralegal supports you in the data protection compliance assessment of your existing service providers or processors.

Get to know these and other functions in detail

Our product experts will be happy to present the functions of the caralegal platform to you in a personal appointment.

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