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Rethink data protection

caralegal makes life twice as easy for data protection experts who are in high demand: they can master their mammoth task even in growing and large companies. But more than that: your job feels good again with caralegal. Because you meet your demands without drowning in work. And no longer be seen as a blocker, but rather valued.

caralegal enables a paradigm shift: data protection no longer slows us down, but drives us forward: through teamwork, lean processes and legal certainty.

our way

We started a DSMS revolution out of our Excel frustration

In 2020, after 10 years in the data protection industry, we were disillusioned with working with Excel. And disappointed with the alternatives.

We are Kathrin Schürmann and Simone Rosenthal, partners at SRD Law Firm and data protection consultants at ISiCO Data Protection. Because we are tech enthusiasts and had successfully established an eLearning product with lawpilots, it quickly became clear: we would invent a solution ourselves.

With product and tech specialists, we developed the software we had always wanted. A tool that makes data protection management as normal as writing emails - even for non-lawyers. And that radically improves collaboration with departments.

Our Management

Kathrin Schürmann

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Björn Möller
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dennis Kurpierz
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Simone Rosenthal
Co-Founder & Advisor

A sensible software, without ulterior motives

§ 1 No, caralegal is not the next digital document storage.

§ 2 And again no: We don't want to sell you consulting hours or endless implementation projects.

§ 3 On the contrary: caralegal makes you much more efficient and is ready for use in no time. Every feature we design aims to do just that.

Because the software is primarily intended to help you and your teams. That's why we have developed a legal workflow that will save you and your company one month of working time per year.

“caralegal is not a program by lawyers for lawyers, but by a universal team for the entire company.”
Kathrin Schürmann
Partner ISiCO Data Protection GmbH
that's what we stand for

Data protection as added value for the entire company

We are committed to ensuring that smart business ideas and dynamic companies are no longer slowed down by data protection. But accelerated. It should click in the executive suite: Anyone who manages data efficiently saves time and manpower. This creates space for innovation. Anyone who understands this today will still be ahead of the competition tomorrow. Data secure.

Take your data protection management to the next level

If you are also looking for a better way to manage your data protection, then we look forward to supporting you. Our product experts will guide you through the non-binding product presentation in around 30 minutes.

We cooperate with experienced companies

Our technology and knowledge partnerships allow us to do even more for our customers. Together we are working to anchor data protection management more effectively in companies worldwide.


Become part of our team

Protecting personal data is important to you and you believe that data protection is a basic requirement for successful companies? Do you know the challenges that companies have with data protection every day and would you like to help overcome them? Do you have the confidence to simplify the complex issue of data protection so that it can be implemented more easily in everyday company life?

We are constantly expanding our team of product, tech, marketing, sales and data protection enthusiasts and are looking for people who want to help shape the future of the legal tech market with motivation, passion and joy.

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