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Redefining Data Protection

caralegal brings a new level of ease for privacy experts. They can thrive in their roles even as their organizations continually grow. With caralegal, privacy experts experience greater job satisfaction and are no longer seen as impediments to business success but as valued in-house experts.

caralegal fosters a shift in perspective: Data protection no longer slows down progress but is the driving force behind it. How? By enanbling teamwork, efficient workflows, and legal compliance.


We turned our spreadsheet chaos into a DPMS revolution

In 2020, after a decade in the data protection industry, we were disheartened by working with Excel. We were also disappointed by the alternatives available.

"We" are Kathrin Schürmann and Simone Rosenthal, partners at SRD law office and data protection consultants at ISiCO Datenschutz. As tech enthusiasts who had already successfully established an eLearning product with lawpilots, it quickly became apparent to us: we should create a solution ourselves.

With the help of product and tech specialists, we developed a software solution that fulfilled our long-standing wish. We created a tool that makes data protection management as routine as writing emails – even for non-legal professionals. Moreover, it dramatically enhances collaboration with various departments.

Our executive team

Kathrin Schürmann

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Björn Möller
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dennis Kurpierz
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Simone Rosenthal
Co-Founder & Advisor

A meaningful tool - with no hidden agenda

§ 1 caralegal isn't just another digital document storage solution.

§ 2 And let's be clear: We have no interest in selling you consulting hours or dragging out implementation projects.

§ 3 In fact, caralegal is designed to make you significantly more efficient, and it's ready to go at a moment's notice. Every feature we develop has one goal in mind: Our software is here to assist you and your teams above all else. That's why we've created a legal workflow that can save you and your company up to a month of work time each year.

"Our aim with caralegal is to provide a software that benefits your whole organization, and not just the legal team."
Kathrin Schürmann
Partner ISiCO Data Protection GmbH
OUR commitment

Transforming data protection into a strategic asset

We are committed to ensuring that new and disruptive business ideas and agile companies are no longer hindered by data protection; instead, they are boosted by it. It's this message that resonates in the boardroom: Efficient data management doesn't only save precious time and resources but also paves the way for innovation. Those who grasp this today will be ahead of the competition tomorrow. Be a privacy trailblazer!

Stay ahead of the data privacy curve

If you're looking for a better way to managing your data protection, we're happy to provide assistance. In approximately 30 minutes, our product experts will guide you through an informative and free of charge product presentation.

We work with accomplished businesses

Our technology and knowledge partnerships enable us to accomplish even more for our clients. Together, we collaborate to further embed data protection management effectively in businesses all over the globe.


Join our team

Protecting personal data matters to you, and you believe that data privacy is a fundamental requirement for successful businesses. You understand the challenges that companies face every day regarding data protection and want to help overcome them. Do you feel confident in simplifying the complex topic of data privacy, making it more accessible in everyday business operations?

We're continually expanding our team of product, tech, marketing, sales, and data privacy enthusiasts and are looking for individuals who want to shape the future of the data privacy industry with drive, passion, and dedication.

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