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Reliable support for your data protection management

Small and medium-sized businesses require an intuitive and supportive software solution for GDPR compliance. caralegal offers the perfect blend of simplicity and support.

The caralegal privacy solution platform supports SMEs in handling data protection compliance

why caralegal

Every feature you need for data protection compliance in one intelligent software

With intuitive use and built-in legal assistance, small and medium-sized businesses can efficiently meet data protection obligations.

Our single source of truth is centralising processing activities in one place.

A single hub for your entire data protection documentation.

caralegal is your single source of truth, centralising and linking all your data protection documentation.

Central management of processing activities

Streamlined documentation of data protection impact assessments

Planning and implementation of technical and organisational measures

Provides clarity and structure

Thanks to intuitive workflows, caralegal elevates small and medium sized enterprises' data protection management to the next level, ensuring you understand the practical details that really matter.

Manage data subject requests

Legally compliant assessment and approval of data processors

Automated threshold analysis

Use the structured workflow for data subject requests to fulfill them on time.
Our structured compliance check supports you in ensuring compliance of your data processors

The virtual assistant that simplifies your work.

Caralegal equips small and medium-sized enterprises with a variety of examples, explanations, and templates to ensure you know exactly what to focus on.

More than 400 templates for RoPA and TOM

Context-sensitive actionable recommendations

Smart compliance checks for service providers


An alleviation for high workloads

caralegal handles routine tasks for you

Data protection experts in small and medium sized enterprises can now save valuable time in all areas of their work - from data protection documentation to employee awareness.

Smart interconnctions eliminate duplicate work.

All features in caralegal are thoughtfully interconnected, allowing you to input information into the software once and access it anytime. This means that if the name of a service provider ever changes, it's automatically updated in all processing activities.

caralegal connects all privacy related documents into a single workflow that eliminates duplicate work.

Interactive eLearning for employees

You can automate regular data protection training for your workforce. With caralegal, your colleagues access the interactive training and automatically receive a certificate upon completion.

The meaningful alternative to email tennis

With the central task management, you can view all to-dos and assign tasks to individual team members. Departments in small and medium sized enterprises can document directly within the software, and long email threads are a thing of the past.

Easily assign and monitor privacy related tasks

"We wanted everything related to data protection to be consolidated in one place that we could efficiently manage, and where other departments could collaborate seamlessly. Ease of use was a crucial factor for us."

Beeke Schmidt
Senior Legal Counsel

Your advantages

20 years of data protection experience in one software

Privacy experts save valuable time in all areas of their work - from data protection documentation to employee awareness.

Documentation trusted by authorities

With caralegal, data protection experts effortlessly comply with the latest regulations of data protection authorities in healthcare data management.

Innovative legal expertise

Smart features, such as the service provider compliance check and intelligent recommendations, streamline GDPR compliance for healthcare data.

Integrated Knowledge Center

Save time with templates created and verified by legal experts specifically for healthcare providers.

Experience a better way to handle data privacy

Experience firsthand how caralegal elevates your data protection management. 
We'll walk you through all the features in detail.