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caralegal alleviates the pressure of strained data protection officers. With caralegal, DPOs effortlessly manage their extensive tasks, even in fast-growing or large enterprises. What's more, with caralegal, their profession becomes more fulfilling. They meet their challenges without being overwhelmed, and can transition from being seen as roadblocks to contributors of innovation.

caralegal enables a paradigm shift: data protection is no longer a hindrance but a catalyst of change, fostering teamwork, streamlining processes, and ensuring legal compliance.

Over 500 companies have already mastered data protection with caralegal.

"I used to view all DPMS software as futile, thinking it was just for document storage. However, as our company continued to grow quickly, I found Excel to be limiting. caralegal is the first tool that truly supports me, as it anticipates my needs and handles tasks for me."

Laura Rother
Senior Legal Counsel
"We aimed to consolidate all our data protection needs in one accessible platform, enabling efficient collaboration with other departments. User-friendliness was paramount to us."
Beeke Schmidt
Senior Legal Counsel
"I had my doubts about the seemingly endless import process, and I hesitated for quite a while. I thought it would take weeks. To my surprise, our complete data protection documentation was imported in the blink of an eye. It happened within a single workday – simply amazing!"
Emer Carey
European Compliance Manager


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Scale-up, eCommerce
"A lengthy Excel spreadsheet just is no longer in tune with the times!"
Venture Builder
"caralegal is the essential tool for all ventures."
“Church data protection meets the GDPR.”

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