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Stay in control of your data protection with our agile data protection software

With processes and responsibilities changing constantly, you need a software that helps maintain structure in data protection and empowers departments to collaborate effectively.

caralegal supports startups and scaleups in their agile mindset - connecting people and processes on a beautifully designed platform.

why caralegal

We know that data protection management is a cross-functional task

caralegal is the only data protection platform explicitly designed to support cross-functional teams across the entire organisation.

As a privacy expert, caralegal allows you to get unparalleled oversight and control over your privacy workflows

Gain control and oversight

Our platform serves as your single source of truth, relieving you of time-consuming routine documentation and review tasks thanks to smart linking.

The data protection software adapts to the privacy knowledge of its users - empowering business units.

caralegal adapts - because not everyone is a GDPR professional

Our platform serves as your Single Source of Truth, relieving you from time-consuming routine tasks in documentation review through intelligent linkages.

caralegal is automating your workflows by connecting privacy experts and business units

Automation and structured workflows

With caralegal, you reduce the workload for your company by centralising data protection workflows and involving other departments in the process.


Data protection for scale-ups and startups: your Single Source of Truth

By intelligently linking individual documents, data protection processes seamlessly integrate and adapt to evolving structures. This helps you avoid unnecessary duplication of effort in complying with GDPR requirements.

Keeping an eye on the status quo at all times

Keep track of the status of your data protection documentation with configurable dashboards and lists.

Gain overview and understand the status quo of your privacy documentation with a customizable dashboard
Our structured compliance check supports you in ensuring compliance of your data processors

The integrated legal assistance at your service

With the structured compliance check for external data recipients, you can assess service providers according to current regulations and ensure GDPR-compliant collaboration.

Easily clean up duplicates with the click of a button

Central resources (such as data types) are managed in one place and can be adjusted in all documents with just a few clicks.

Easily clean up your data inventory by using the merging functionality
Leverage our premium templates for processing activities to identify your processes.

Build on tested templates

Explore our templates for the most common processing activities and technical and organizational measures. Customize them to fit your workflows.

Coordinate tasks and get your privacy work done

With caralegal, you easily involve all employees into your data protection processes, fostering a culture of data awareness and accountability throughout your organisation. This centralised approach not only streamlines task management but also encourages collaboration, enabling teams to work jointly towards achieving and maintaining key data protection standards.

Assign and monitor tasks

In the central task overview, you always have transparency on the status quo and can track compliance with important deadlines.
Easily assign and monitor privacy related tasks
Set comments or tasks specific to any field in our data protection software

Context-sensitive comment function

Endless e-mail chains are now a thing of the past. With caralegal, you reference specific fields and can provide targeted support and feedback to departments.

Easily coordinate recurring tasks

Certain tasks are performed on a regular basis. With the reminder feature, caralegal prompts departments at desired intervals.

Set and manage recurring tasks to ensure that routine work gets done in time

"I used to consider all DPMS software as pointless because they seemed to be just for document storage. However, as our company has been growing rapidly, I reached my limits with Excel. caralegal is the first tool that truly benefits me because it thinks ahead and takes tasks off my hands completely."

Laura Rother
Senior Legal Counsel

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Don't have time for lengthy projects? Neither do we.

With caralegal, you won't experience months-long implementation projects because setup and configuration are typically completed in just 2 days on average. We automate the import of your existing documentation.

Discover the leading software for cross-functional data protection teams.

See for yourself how caralegal accelerates your data protection management. We'll walk you through all the features in detail.