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record of processing activities (RoPA)

Map data and create processing activities intuitively

With caralegal, you create your record of processing activities (RoPA) through an easy-to-follow workflow, allowing departments to independently provide information. Thanks to intelligent linkage with your technical and organizational measures and your data processors, the RoPA becomes the centerpiece of your data protection management with caralegal, providing you with a structured overview of all data processing activities.

Map your data and create your record of processing activity with the data protection management software caralegal.

The RoPA workflow you had always wished for

Leverage the structured workflow of caralegal's RoPA functionality to comply seamlessly with Article 30 of the GDPR.
Collaborate efficiently with colleagues and synchronize your processing activities with your TOM and DPIA.

Leverage the structured workflow for processing activities and get guidance from the intregated legal assistance.

Intuitive workflow for processing activities

The step-by-step workflow guides your through all GDPR requirements. More importantly, also non-legal professionals can document, as caralegal offer context-sensitive recommendations and examples.

Link to processors and internal recipients

With caralegal, you benefit from the continuous linkage of your entire data protection documentation. This allows you to create data processors while working on a processing activity.

Link data processors and internal recipients within your RoPA workflow
Set processing specific technical and organisational measures in your RoPA workflow

Create processing-specific TOM

With caralegal you can assign technical and organisational measures that only serve one process or that go beyond your general TOM to individual processing activities.

Save time by building on our premium templates

Professional data protection documentation is company-specific. However, with caralegal you can build on templates checked by legal experts.

Use a vast number of templates to identify and create your processing activities.
With the data protection management software of caralegal you can filter processing acitivites based on your organisational unit or team

Customisable filter options for your RoPA

With caralegal you can specifically view processing activities for individual organisational units or create your own filter criteria using configurable labels and thus maintain an overview at all times.

Get to know these and other functions in detail

Our product experts will be happy to introduce you to the functions of the caralegal platform in a personal appointment.

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