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Record and maintain processing activities intuitively and collaboratively

With caralegal you create your list of processing activities in an easy-to-understand workflow so that departments can provide information independently. Thanks to the intelligent connection with your technical and organizational measures and your processors, the VVT forms the core of your data protection management with caralegal and you gain a structured overall overview of all data processing activities.

The core of every data protection documentation

You set up your processing activities in accordance with Art. 30 GDPR. To help you complete your documents in a time-saving manner, you have access to structure and content specifications as well as information on the legal basis or purpose of data processing. Record all processes intuitively and easily and gain a structured overall overview of all processing activities in your company. This ensures that you reliably meet your obligation to provide proof with a clearly visible and maintained directory.

- You can filter and export your list of processing activities at any time as a PDF, DOC or XLS and by keyword or status.

- Internal role and organizational management as well as task management and comment functions enable joint and controlled teamwork on company-wide processing activities.

- Your list of processing activities can be directly accessed and embedded in order to answer inquiries from those affected and official procedures.

- Link your processing activities to data protection impact assessments and information obligations

Intuitive workflow for creating the VVT

Processing activities are created in the data protection management software caralegal in a simple workflow. Practically relevant recommendations for action also support non-lawyers in creating the documentation.

Link processors directly

In caralegal you benefit from linking the entire data protection documentation at any time. This allows you to create processors while creating a processing activity.

Create processing-specific TOM

With caralegal you can assign technical and organizational measures that only serve one process or that go beyond your general TOM to individual processing activities.

Build on tested templates and save time

Professional data protection documentation is company-specific. However, with caralegal you can build on templates checked by legal experts.

Customizable filter options for your VVT

With caralegal you can specifically view processing activities for individual organizational units or create your own filter criteria using configurable labels and thus maintain an overview at all times.

Get to know these and other functions in detail

Our product experts will be happy to introduce you to the functions of the caralegal platform in a personal appointment.

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