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Strengthen the effectiveness of your data protection management system

Large enterprises leverage the caralegal privacy platform to manage their data protection compliance across countries and organizations.

caralegal empowers enterprises to create more transparency in data privacy.
The caralegal data protection management software is tailored to enterprise requirements.
leading enterprises TRUST CARALEGAL

Increase the efficiency and quality of your data protection management system

With our modular platform, we offer large enterprises and corporations a wide range of data protection solutions.

Data protection management solution enabling unparalleled privacy compliance that adapts to your organisation and processes.
The single source of truth for your data protection organization
With our data protection management software, we offer you comprehensive functions for GDPR compliance in your organisation.

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Transparently manage data protection risks
Implement a comprehensive process for identifying, assessing, and addressing data protection risks with our risk management software.

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Risk management software for privacy compliance and a holistic risk management process.
Audit management software allowing the creation and implementation of fully customized audit forms.
Plan, execute audits, and unlock hidden potentials.
The audit management software supports you both in ad-hoc and regular audits: Design custom-fit questionnaires, automate administrative tasks, and gain control over the entire audit process.

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why caralegal

Designed for complex organizations
with easy usability in mind

caralegal combines powerful enterprise functionalities with maximum user-friendliness and thus strengthens your data protection management system.

Creating more transparency in corporate data protection

With caralegal, you control data protection compliance across countries and organisational boundaries.

The customizable dashboard in caralegal allows you to create transparency in your data protection organisation.
With our single source of truth you can document all your processing acitivites across the organisational in a consistent format.
Ensure consistent documentation across the whole group

We provide privacy teams with a single source of truth for documenting all compliance obligations. Through intuitive workflows, business units are seamlessly integrated into the development of privacy documentation.

Intuitive and sleek user interface

With caralegal, you make it easy for colleagues in other business units to document their processes and assist you keeping your Data Protection Management System (DPMS) up to date.

Easily assign and monitor privacy related tasks

caralegal adapts to your requirements

Flexible user management

Connect your Active Directory to caralegal via Single Sign-on (SSO) and assign specific permissions to each user.

First class service and support

Your personal Customer Success Manager supports you in the design, rollout and optimisation phases of caralegal.

Easy customisation and integration

Create custom automations and leverage our public API to unleash the full potential of caralegal.

"I hesitated for a long time because of the seemingly endless import process. I thought it would take weeks. But then, our entire data protection documentation was imported in no time. In just one working day – brilliant!"

Emer Carey
European Compliance Manager

important enterprise functions

A platform for global data protection compliance

Automated import of your existing documentation

Getting started with caralegal doesn't require lengthy and costly integration projects. Our automated import feature identifies the correct data fields in your existing documentation and seamlessly transfers them into our data protection software without any effort on your part. It supports popular free-text tools like Excel, Confluence, and Word.

We import your existing documentation into our data protection platform.
Customize the legal bases available for each organisational unit
Configurable resource management

In corporate-wide data protection management, the same data categories, groups of individuals, and legal bases are often used in documentation. With caralegal, you have the flexibility to allocate resources to individual corporate units and streamline similar or identical processes across subsidiaries. This saves you a significant amount of time when it comes to standardising documentation practices within corporate data protection.

Integrated translation function

Enable the creation of processing activities in the respective national language and benefit from automatic translation into 26 languages.

Leverage our automatic translation service to steer privacy across your whole enterprise
Experience a better way to handle data privacy

Experience firsthand how caralegal elevates your data protection management. 
We'll walk you through all the features in detail.