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Strengthen the effectiveness of your data protection management

With caralegal, corporations and large enterprises manage data protection compliance across countries and organizations.

Ready for more transparency in data protection?

why caralegal

Designed for complex organizations
- yet incredibly easy to use

caralegal combines powerful enterprise functionalities with maximum user-friendliness and thus strengthens your data protection management system.

Creating an overview and transparency in corporate data protection

With caralegal, you control data protection compliance across country and organizational boundaries.

Ensure consistent documentation across the enterprise

We offer corporate data protection officers and data protection teams a single source of truth for the documentation of all verification obligations. Intuitive workflows make it easy to involve departments in the development of data protection documentation.

Intuitive and modern user interface

With caralegal, you make it easy for colleagues in the departments to document your processes and assist you in checking the DSMS.

Einfach und sinnvoll Aufgaben erstellen, verwalten und zuweisen
Führende Unternehmen vertrauen auf caralegal

Increase the efficiency and quality of the data protection management system

With our modular platform, we offer large enterprises and corporate groups a wide range of data protection solutions.

The single source of truth for your data protection organization
With the data protection management software, we offer you comprehensive functions for the DSGVO compliance of your company.

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Transparent management of data protection risks
With risk management software, you establish a holistic process for identifying, assessing, and addressing data protection risks.

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Plan and conduct audits and uncover potentials
The audit management software supports you in ad-hoc and regular audits: Design custom-fit questionnaires, automate administrative activities, and gain control over the entire audit process.

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caralegal adapts to your requirements

Flexible user management

Connect your Active Directory to caralegal via Single Sign-on (SSO) and assign specific permissions to each user.

First class service and support

Your personal Customer Success Manager supports you in the design, rollout and optimization of caralegal.

Easy customization and integration

Create custom automations and integrations to unleash the full potential of caralegal.

"I hesitated for a long time out of respect for the endless import process. I thought it would take weeks. But then our entire data protection documentation was imported in no time. In one working day - brilliant!"

Emer Carey
European Compliance Manager

important enterprise functions

A platform for global data protection compliance

Automated import of your existing documentation

Your start with caralegal does not require any lengthy and costly integration projects. The automated import recognizes the correct data fields in your existing documentation and transfers them to our data protection software in a structured way without your intervention. The most common free-text tools such as Excel, Confluence and Word are supported.

Configurable resource management

In group-wide data protection management, the same data categories, groups of persons and legal bases are often used in the documentation. With caralegal, you have the flexibility to release resources for individual group units but also to pass on the efficiency of similar or identical processes to subsidiaries. This saves you a lot of time for the standardization of documentation standards in group data protection.

Integrated translation function

Enable the creation of processing activities in the local language and benefit from automatic translation into 26 languages.

There is a better way for your data protection management.

See for yourself why caralegal is already in use at several mDAX and DAX corporations. Our sales team will show you the platform and will be happy to take time for your questions.