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Import your existing privacy documentation

Are you looking for professional data protection management software, but don't want to start from scratch or go through expensive and lengthy onboarding projects? Many of our customers were facing this challenge before starting with caralegal. But thanks to fully automated import including quality control of your documentation, caralegal is fully operational for you within a very short time.

Import your existing privacy documentation automatically from sources like Excel and Confluence.

Build on your existing data protection documentation

The software implementation phase in companies is often a challenge and requires special attention in order to actually realise the promised added value. The same applies for the introduction of data protection management software. 

Therefore, we asked ourselves how we can minimise the time it takes for our customers to fully utilise caralegal. In addition to hands-on training, our automated import of your existing documentation plays a crucial role. This way, you can build on your existing data protection level within the shortest possible time!

Use a vast number of templates to identify and create your processing activities.

Import all data protection documents

You are using free text tools like Excel, Word or Confluence so far? No problem! Our smart import function recognises your data fields and imports them into our software in a structured way. This way, you have your complete record of processing activities structured by organisational units from day one in your new data protection management software.

Increase the quality of documentation and avoid redundancies

Consistency in your documentation is an important evaluation criterion in an authority audit: Is "Name" the same as "Last Name" or "First Name"? Are "Customer ID" and "Customer Identification" the same or entirely different data? With caralegal you instantly get an overview of these redundancies and can merge them at the click of a button.

After the automatic import you can clean up your documentation by merging data types.

Discover this and more features in detail

Our product experts are happy to present the features of the caralegal platform to you in a personal meeting.

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