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Establish the data protection flow throughout the enterprise

caralegal supports your DSGVO-compliant data protection management and focuses on people. Our software connects data protection experts with specialist departments, automates routine activities and delivers tailored recommendations.

Mastering data protection management cross-functionally

Data protection management is a cross-functional task that requires legal expertise, process understanding and project management. With caralegal, you bring the entire company into the data protection flow and leverage unused potential.

caralegal is the first data protection management software that thinks and directs across the enterprise:

Better flow of information from the specialist departments

Transparency and control over documentation

Automation of routine activities

The privacy workflow for the entire company

With caralegal, you also involve specialist departments in the data protection process. This is possible because our software is intuitive, steers automatically and knows the current legal situation.

Provides structure and saves duplication of effort: our Single Source of Truth

Control data protection centrally and get consistent documentation. The software assists and links documents that belong together.

Never again: duplicate document maintenance

Again and again: uniform documentation

If desired: modularly expandable

Make it easy for departments to give you relevant information

Process experts document independently with caralegal. You can clarify ambiguities directly in the software.

Request information easily

Departments find their way

Receive and answer questions context-sensitively

Create transparency and maintain an overview

Dashboard, recommendations, and customizable lists let you see what was previously hidden from you.

Data protection KPIs

Filterable lists

Task overview

Let our virtual legal assistance support you

caralegal thinks along with you, checks and recommends. This saves you valuable time in routine activities.

Reminder of legal deadlines

Recommendation for legal bases

Detect and clean duplicate data types

Test what the data protection flow feels like

See for yourself live how caralegal accelerates your data protection management. We show you all the functions in detail.

The Single Source of Truth for Your Data Protection Compliance

Directory of processing

With the intuitive and linked workflow, you create your VVT together with specialist departments.

Service provider management / AVV

Service providers are clearly managed and are meaningfully linked to the directory of processing activities.

Data protection impact assessment

When performing a DS-FA, you build on the information in the VVT and use the integrated risk management module.

Deletion concept

Define deletion rules and automatically receive a central overview of all retention periods from the VVT.

Get to know all functions

The advantages of the data protection software at a glance


We speak your language: More than 20 years of data protection, IT law and compliance experience have gone into the development of caralegal.


Data protection is a part-time, full-time or team task? caralegal is suitable for companies of any size and grows with them.

Set-up effort

We transfer your existing documentation and design the software according to your requirements. caralegal customers start in a few days.

Test privacy software

Experience the data protection flow

See for yourself how caralegal accelerates your data protection management. We show you all the functions in detail.

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9.5 out of 10 of our customers recommend caralegal. The live demo is free of charge and without obligation. We will get back to you within 24 hours. In our Privacy policy  you will find further information on how we handle your personal data and what rights you have.

All features of the
Data protection management software

The data protection management software offers your data protection team extensive functionalities for optimizing your data protection organization. All functions are characterized by the intuitive workflow, the complete linkage and the high user-friendliness.

There is a better way for your data protection management.

Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Can't find the answers to your questions? Our Product team is there for you.

What is data protection management software?

Data protection management software such as caralegal supports companies in managing company-wide data protection. The software helps to fulfill the requirements of the GDPR in the areas of documentation of existing processes (processing activities, data protection impact assessment, service provider management, technical-organizational measures) as well as external inquiries from data subjects and authorities in the most structured and intuitive way possible.

Who needs data protection management software?

Data protection management software such as caralegal is suitable for companies of any size that want to implement data protection in a structured and simple way with the help of digital guidance. The user group is not limited to internal or external data protection officers. For the most efficient implementation of the requirements of the GDPR, caralegal also integrates specialist areas into the software.

What should be considered before implementing data protection management software?

The starting point for the introduction of data protection management software is your existing documentation. In order to provide you with added value from day one, caralegal does not require months of expensive import projects. Our fully automated import transfers existing documents (such as Excel or Word) into the software in a structured manner.

Does data protection management software replace the external data protection officer?

No. Companies that set up their data protection management reliably and sustainably integrate the data protection expertise of internal or external data protection officers on an ongoing basis. Data protection software such as caralegal saves your data protection officer a lot of time in the creation and maintenance of your data protection documentation as well as facilitates the work through intelligent assistance functions.

What should I look for when choosing data protection management software?

Data protection is not a standardized product, but a constant process that is accompanied and simplified by software like caralegal. We have created a .

However, the following points should fall into your decision criteria:

1. the functional scope of a software is decisive and must be in line with your needs.

2. legal expertise must have flowed into the development of the software. Pay close attention to references, because experience in dealing with data protection authorities makes a significant contribution to DSGVO compliance.

3. ease of use and automation is a must. Make sure of this with a personal demo or with a test account, so that you can still enjoy the application after 6 months.

Who is behind caralegal?

caralegal GmbH is the developer and operator of the data protection software caralegal. The young company is a spin-off from the renowned data protection consultancy ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH and the IT law firm SCHÜRMANN, ROSENTHAL, DREYER Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB.

Where is the software hosted?

The software and therefore all your data is hosted in Germany (Frankfurt) in ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers.