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Your all-in-one solution for the new Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)

With caralegal, companies comprehensively fulfill the repquirements of the FADP, while relying on verified templates to create their record of processing activities.
Ensure FADP compliance with the privacy solution platform caralegal
THE NEW SWISS Federal Act on Data Protection - WHAT needs TO BE DONE?

We understand both FADP and your needs

The new Swiss Data Protection Act came into effect on September 1, 2023, and applies to all companies in Switzerland. They must now fulfill extensive information and documentation obligations.

In particular, the creation of the record of processing activities plays a central role and forms the basis for the entire data protection documentation.

why caralegal

Align your data protection management with the FADP

caralegal provides you with step-by-step guidance towards achieving FADP-compliant data protection documentation.

Create your record of processing activities with the caralegal data protection software for FADP compliance

Your central repository for data protection documentation

caralegal is your single source of truth for data protection, linking all required documents.

Manage record of processing activities centrally

Document data protection impact assessment without extra effort

Plan and implement technical and organisational measures

Easily comply with the rights of data subjects

With intuitive workflows, caralegal helps you establish structured processes, ensuring you have a detailed understanding of practical requirements.

Manage information requests

Document data protection breaches in compliance with the FADP

Easily identify your data inventory

Manage data subject requests with our data protection management software - FADP
Leverage the compliance check in our data protection management software to complay with the FADP

Simplify your everyday data protection tasks

Thanks to numerous examples, explanations and templates, caralegal shows you what really matters in data protection management.

More than 400 templates for processing activities

Evaluate and release data processors in a legally compliant manner

Context-sensitive recommended actions

cutting edge companies trust caralegal:
Record of processing activities

Meet the legal requirements

Thanks to the structured workflow, you compile all legally required information step by step.

Set processing purpose

Define categorisation of personal data

Document retention periods

Smart linking saves redundancies

Your processing activities are linked to all documents in caralegal, such as: 

Data processor

Data protection impact assessment

Technical and organisational measures

Intuitive workflow

For the creation of a RoPA, data protection experts and business units efficiently  collaborate in caralegal: 

Assign responsibilities

Use the comment and task functions

Apply the easy approval process

With caralegal you work on FADP-compliance with your whole team.
Establish data protection management correctly from the start.
Discover firsthand why caralegal is the ideal platform for your data protection management. Our sales team will provide a demonstration and be happy to address any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Can't find the answers to your questions? Our Product team is happy to help.
Wen does the FADP come into effect?
The FADP comes into effect on September 1, 2023, and applies to all companies whose data processing impacts Switzerland, according to Article 3 of the FADP.
What is a record of processing activities?
A record of processing activities is a collection of all processes in the company in which personal data are processed. Under Art. 12 FADP, the minimum requirements are regulated as follows:

Identity of the responsible person

Processing purpose

Description of the categories of data subjects and the categories of personal data processed

Categories of recipients

Retention period of the personal data or the criteria for determining this period

General description of the measures taken to ensure data security (appropriate technical and organisational measures that enable data security breaches to be avoided).

if the data are disclosed abroad, the indication of the country and the guarantees by which appropriate data protection is ensured

Can I build upon templates in caralegal?
Yes. In the data protection software, we provide you with templates that have been tested by data protection experts and that you can adapt according to your needs.