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Plan, conduct audits and create transparency

Whether ad-hoc or regular audits: With caralegal, you design custom-fit questionnaires, automate administrative activities and maintain control throughout the entire audit process.

Uncover the potential of your data protection compliance

Data protection audit

Take stock and identify gaps in your GDPR compliance.

ISO 27001 audit

Analyze the effectiveness of the ISMS and uncover improvements.

Service provider check

Überprüfen Sie die Einhaltung rechtlicher Vorgaben Ihrer Auftragsverarbeiter.

Your personal assistant for better audits

Design audit questionnaire according to your own ideas

Simply build on audited templates, import existing templates or create new questionnaires. This is how your audit succeeds.

12 different question types

Skip logic (if-then condition)

Templates for e.g. data protection, ISMS and compliance

Gain better insights to avoid risks

Departments answer questionnaires independently. Auditors set deadlines and receive all answers centrally in caralegal.

Select audit methodology

Assign responsibilities and deadlines

Record hints and notes

Generate and implement audit findings automatically

Auditors save time thanks to predefined audit findings. caralegal independently creates defined audit findings during the audit execution.

Use audit findings from templates

Prioritize and assign measures

Track implementation easily

Report created with one click

caralegal creates your audit report at the push of a button. This saves you time during audit follow-up.

Audit report in Word format

Management summary included

Includes all audit findings

Create audits according to your
your ideas

See for yourself how your audits become more effective with caralegal.

For comprehensive transparency in the company

Template Editor

With tested templates, flexible question types and conditional logic, there are no limits to your questionnaires.

Automatic report generation

Your audit report - with answers, comments and management summary - is created at the touch of a button.

Audit results management

Prioritize audit findings and assign them to functional areas as tasks.

Audit Assistance

caralegal scans the existing documentation and thereby answers audit questions independently

The advantages of the audit software at a glance

Intuitive Template Editor

Create new audit questionnaires or build on existing templates.

More efficiency thanks to Single Source of Truth

Audits are created, performed and tracked centrally in the caralegal platform.

Easy to configure: 

Whether medium-sized or DAX companies: All audit with caralegal


Create more transparency in your company with caralegal

Use our tested templates and see for yourself how caralegal can help your data protection organization conduct more effective audits.

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Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Can't find the answers to your questions? Our Product team is there for you.

What is a data protection audit?

A data privacy audit is a review of the company's data privacy requirements. Depending on the scope of the audit, the current status is compared with the target status for the entire company or for specific areas, and improvement measures are identified.

Who performs a data protection audit?

Data privacy audits are performed by data privacy experts who are part of the internal data privacy department or have been appointed as external data privacy officers. In larger organizations, data privacy audits may fall under the remit of the internal audit department.

When is a data protection audit conducted?

Data privacy audits are performed both on an ad hoc basis and on a regular basis. Occasional audits are used either to determine the status quo of the data protection organization or to meet specific data protection requirements in order to obtain certifications. Regular data privacy audits are reviews of the effectiveness of the data privacy management system (DSMS) with the purpose of identifying improvement measures.

What is the goal of a data protection audit?

The objective of a data protection audit is basically to create transparency regarding the current status of implementation of the statutory data protection requirements. Subsequently, the identified improvement measures must be prioritized and implemented in the appropriate order.

What is audit software?

Audit software is a tool that makes it easier for auditors to plan, create and perform audits. It also helps in creating reports and tracking identified actions.

What is an audit finding?

An audit finding is a finding or observation made during an audit review that indicates that an entity is in violation of a specific audit criterion or policy. An audit finding may also be referred to as a deviation, deficiency, nonconformity, or complaint.

What is a brick and what types are there?

Bausteine sind Komponenten, mit denen ein Audit-Fragebogen zusammengestellt wird. Dabei handelt es sich entweder um vordefinierte Fragetypen (z. B. Multiple Choice) oder um Bausteine, die zur Angabe und Struktur dienen (z. B. Überschrift, Gruppierung).

What is an audit questionnaire?

A questionnaire is prepared before an audit and is used by auditors or reviewers to ensure that all necessary information is collected and all relevant questions are answered. An audit questionnaire is first designed in caralegal, and can then be used for one or more audits.

What is branching logic?

With skip logic, a questionnaire can be designed to adapt to the participant's answers. When a participant gives a certain answer, the questionnaire can automatically move to another question or section based on the participant's answer.

What templates are offered?

We can provide you with a range of audit templates that you can customize to your needs in the caralegal software. This includes the GDPR gap analysis, various quick checks for departments (HR, marketing, ...), maturity measurements and service provider checks. Our team would be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

Which audit methods are supported?

In the audit software we offer 2 common audit methods:

Interviews: In this method, employees or managers of the audited company are interviewed by the auditor to obtain information about processes, procedures, procedures and other aspects that are examined as part of the audit. The auditor can store the answers and notes directly in caralegal.

Self-disclosure: In this method, the audit questionnaire is sent to the respondents, who fill it out independently in caralegal. The auditor then receives the answers in an aggregated form in the caralegal software.

What does the template editor do?

The template editor allows auditors to create questionnaires using the given building blocks and branching logic. The editor offers numerous formatting options with which audit questionnaires can be designed clearly and uniformly.