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Stay ahead of the 
data protection curve

caralegal connects data, processes and people by means of a user-friendly and powerful platform and helps businesses strengthen their data protection compliance. 

caralegal: When data protection turns into your competitive advantage.

Workflows tailored to the needs of data protection teams

Data protection experts gain valuable time by automating routine tasks with caralegal.

Experience our privacy solution

Single source of truth for data protection

caralegal structures and links your entire data protection documentation - for an easy use within the data protection team and a smooth collaboration with other departments.

No more data protection bureaucracy

caralegal’s optimized workflow provides more clarity and improves collaboration between data protection experts and departments

The big plus: Everybody is doing their part

All departments can easily document their processes thanks to our integrated legal assistance and context-sensitive commenting.

For a quick start: We handle your data import

Effortlessly build upon your existing documentation: We work
closely with you and provide comprehensive training for your team.

Get to know our data protection software

Addressing the critical pain points encountered by privacy experts

With caralegal, you gain transparency on improved data protection compliance, ensuring you always know where to direct your focus.

Procure information from other departments
Transparent data protection management

Effortless compliance documentation

Save time on routine

Eliminate endless email threads: Delegate tasks, set deadlines, and reclaim precious time.

User-friendly dashboards,
recommendations, and customisable lists allow you to see what was previously  hidden from you.

When regulatory agencies come calling, you'll save more than just precious time to format your spreadsheets.

The record of processing activities is linked to all other areas, saving you time and improving quality.

Receive Information from departments

Put an end to email ping-pong: assign tasks, set deadlines and save valuable time.

Keeping an overview of the status quo

Dashboard, recommendations, and customizable lists let you see what was previously hidden from you.

Have a ready documentation

When the authority comes knocking, you don't just save on formatting.

Reduce duplication of work

The processing directory is linked to all other areas. This saves you time and quality.


caralegal at your service

With a clear conscience, you leave assistance tasks to caralegal, by automating routine activities, while you focus on your specialist tasks.

Departments document independently

Thanks to intuitive user flows, departments (e.g. marketing, product, IT) effortlessly co-operate with the data protection team.

Set deadlines and receive information on time

Create recurring tasks and use automatic notifications to your advantage.

Virtual legal assistance guides, verifies and recommends

Users are involved by context-sensitive commenting functions, legally verified action recommendations and practical suggestions.

Validate processors with smart AI assistance.

Use proven audit schemes to perform structured and standardized service provider audits.

Experience a better way to handle  data privacy

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Enabling transparency within your organisation

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"The decision for caralegal was based on the tailored solutions for complex organizational structures, like ours with various segments and companies."
Stephan Tawin
Data protection officer at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE


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Stay ahead of the
data protection curve

Learn how caralegal supports privacy professionals and their organisations to continuously improve data protection management.

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