Data Protection Simple & Intelligent

The data protection management software guides companies through the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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The digital solution for data protection management



Fully automated synchronisation

New or updated content is automatically captured and adjusted across the platform

Intelligent legal security

All content is legally verified and always up-to-date for centralised data protection management

Expert knowledge

Developed by data protection and legal experts with the highest quality standards

A centralised platform for GDPR compliance

Records of processing activities GDPR Software caralegal
Records of processing activities

Capture all processes intuitively and gain a structured overall view of all processing activities within the company.

Integrated Data Protection Impact Assessment

Simplify the documentation of risky processes through automated threshold analysis, which includes direct links to the record of processing activities.

Data Processing Agreement

Manage your service providers effortlessly through automated checks that determine whether a data processing agreement is required. Automatically synchronize and link your directories.

Successful and structured teamwork

Scaled role concept

Through a specific rights and role system, the entire scope of the application is reduced to those functions that each user requires. The user interface of caralegal adapts itself individually according to the assigned rights.

Automatic task management

Employees can assign tasks to one another, participate in the content design of documents, as well as comment on each other’s work steps and processes. Through clear task management as well as in-app or e-mail notifications, you are always informed about your own and other’s tasks

Multi-factor authentication

Securely access the application through individually configurable multi-factor authentication. On Demand, two step authentication can be required for all users.

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Compliance Dashboard

See the status of your documentation at a glance in a structured way within your individualized dashboard. The compliance dashboard shows all important data protection KPIs, recommendations for improvement and gives you a permanent overview of data protection compliance in your company.

Neatness of data subject requests and requests of authorities

Data subject requests are recorded, managed and clearly presented in a structured manner, enabling you to process and respond efficiently and reliably. The ROPA, DPIA and DPA are seamlessly integrated and a submission to the authority can be made at the push of a button.

One-Click Exportfunktion

Legally required documents such as the data protection impact assessment or the records of processing activities are available for download in the desired file format (e.g. PDF, DOC, XLSX or JSON)

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