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Data protection officers have additional support in their everyday work in the data protection management software caralegal: thanks to the integration of the online library of our partner Fachmedien Otto Schmidt KG, you always stay up to date and have access to top content from specialist magazines, manuals and comments.

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Access the top content of data protection literature in caralegal

With our partner Fachmedien Otto Schmidt KG, we offer caralegal customers access to a unique selection of data protection expertise. The 3 caralegal knowledge modules have been specially curated for data protection officers and include:



Technical and manuals,

Jurisprudence and laws

from the world of data protection, IT law and industry-specific practical literature for companies in the healthcare and financial sectors.

Access relevant specialist knowledge directly in the legal workflow

The context-sensitive search in caralegal is available at any point in the data protection software and provides you with relevant content from the Owlit online library. This way you can expand your data protection knowledge and stay informed about the latest developments.

Use all the functions of the Owlit online library

With caralegal you get complete access to all features of the Owlit online library. Access the advanced search function, save important content in your personal file and use helpful functions such as version comparison or text marking.

Discover all the contents of the online library
Data protection module

Computers and Law – CR, 6 editions per year

IT Legal Advisor (ITRB), 12 editions per year

Depict company or group structure


Moos, data protection and data use, 3rd edition, 2021

Härting / Konrad, GDPR in practical testing, 2020

Härting, Internet Law, 7th edition, 2022

Dude / Hey, Telecommute | Home office | Mobile working, 2021


Schwartmann / Jaspers, DS-GVO/BDSG, 2nd edition, 2020

Härting, General Data Protection Regulation, 2016

Plath, commentary on the BDSG and the GDPR as well as the data protection regulations of the TMG and TKG, 2nd edition, 2018

Henssler / Willemsen, Labor Law, 10th edition, 2022

Case law and laws:

Over 541,000 regulations from EU law

Over 22,000 regulations from state law

Over 17,000 regulations from federal law

Over 1.1 million decisions (judgments and resolutions) from all legal areas, jurisdictions and instances

The Health module includes all content of the data protection module and also offers access to:

medstra – magazine for medical criminal law, 6 editions per year


Debatin/Ekkernkamp/Schulte/Tecklenburg, Hospital Management, 4th edition, 2022

Naegler / Garbsch, Human Resources Management in Hospitals, 5th edition, 2021

Lobnig / Grossmann, organizational development in hospitals, 2013

Walker, Lean Hospital, Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2021

Straub / Sperling, Controlling and Business Plan, 2nd edition, 2016

Behrends / Vollmöller, practical manual for hospital financing, 3rd edition, 2020


Rieger/Dahm/Katzenmeier/Stellpflug/Ziegler, medical law, hospital law, medical law, 5 supplementary deliveries per year

Schlegel, sample contracts in the healthcare sector, 3 supplementary deliveries per year

Orlowski/Remmert, SGB V commentary – statutory health insurance – GKV, 4 supplementary deliveries per year

The finance module includes all content of the data protection module and also offers access to:

Corporate Finance, magazine, 12 editions per year

Rethinking:Finance, magazine, 6 editions per year


Gehra / Gittfried, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, 2nd edition, 2020


Beck / Samm, Banking Act with CRR, 2022, 6 supplementary deliveries per year

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