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The world's first AI-powered software that automates DPA reviews.

Time-consuming checklists are now a thing of the past!
Renowned legal experts reviewed thousands of contracts for 28done, to make your DPA review efficient and time-saving.

cara28 offers assistance in the review process with:

Completeness check

Conformity check of the clauses

Smart guidance on formulating clauses

TOM check

Up to 90% reduction in review time

Let’s take a closer look:

Our AI-powered product enables data protection officers to conduct automated data processing agreement reviews, saving 90% of the usual processing time. These precise and legally compliant results are assured by cara28. Typically, a thorough review of DPA for legal compliance is a manual process that takes an average of 2 hours. cara28 automates this process, cutting down the typical processing time by 90% to just a few minutes.

What's included in cara28:

The results of your DPA review are made available for download in Word format. cara28 has been specifically designed for the review of data processing agreements as per Article 32 GDPR and has been developed by training the underlying AI with fully completed DPA forms.

Our automated DPA review takes into account more than 70 data protection requirements, offering not only a compliant and comprehensive review but also specific suggestions for improving clause formulations. Our AI goes a step further, examining the technical and organizational measures (TOM) in your DPA to identify potential security gaps. Rely on cara28 to efficiently and accurately meet your data protection needs.

Pricing and availability:

The unique features of our innovative AI product cara28 are available at the competitive price of just €49.90 per each DPA review. Payment is securely processed as a one-time credit card transaction using our secure payment service provider, Stripe. For those requiring more than 10 DPA reviews, we're happy to offer a tailored, non-binding offer that includes additional payment options.

For more information or to request a custom quote, please reach out to us at, or fill out the form below.

Focused on trust

Data protection is our top priority. Therefore, your sensitive data and contracts are not stored in our systems but remain securely in your personal internet browser cache. In close cooperation with Merantix Momentum and ISiCO, we have developed a groundbreaking AI product that not only simplifies DPA reviews but also eliminates the need for tedious checklists. cara28 is reliably hosted in the OTC Open Telekom Cloud, with servers located in Germany. This ensures not only the highest security standards but also a user-friendly and efficient use of our services.

"The fully automated DPA review is set to significantly ease the workload of data protection officers. It offers a quick and efficient process that can be handled effortlessly and legally compliant - even by those who do not dispose of expert legal knowledge."
Simone Rosenthal
Partner ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH

Discover the easy workflow of cara28:


Select DPA

Upload DPA in PDF format
The document is processed within seconds
Secure storage solely in the browser cache

Anonymise confidential

Anonymise sensible data
User-friendly and intuitive interface
Personalised configuration options
Secured payment

Complete payment transaction

Receive a free preview of the result
Easy payment via credit card or voucher code for custom packages
Secure purchase process provided by our
payment service provider Stripe

Get results fast

Clear compilation of all findings
Obtain guidance on formulating clauses
Download the comprehensive result in PDF format
Try the DPA AI today!

Developed by renowned AI specialists and experienced data protection experts.

The development of caralegal's innovative DPA review product is a collaborative effort between technological and legal professionals: Merantix AG in Berlin, recognised globally for their expertise in Artificial Intelligence, and the team at ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH, bringing two decades of expert legal privacy knowledge to the table.

Previously, a manual DPA review was the sole method available. Now, cara28 provides an easy-to-use solution that allows me to substantially cut down on time.
Kathrin Schürmann
Partner ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH

Experience the first AI for DPA reviews!

In addition to saving 90% of the usual processing time, here are a few more unique advantages of cara28:

Completeness check

Reviews whether all essential aspects as per Article 28 GDPR are covered

Conformity check of the clauses

Checks for potential violations or deviations from legal standards and guidelines

Smart guidance on formulating clauses

Offers smart guidance on formulating legally sound clauses

Automated TOM check

Assesses TOM for completeness and identifies gaps. The automated evaluation of the protection level will be available in the future.

Additional Information

Feeling overwhelmed with all that information? We've got you covered! All necessary facts about cara28 are available in our product factsheet. Download the PDF here!

Would you like to see an example of a current DPA review carried out by cara28? Click on the link to the right to learn more!

Customised packages tailored to your needs:

Secure compliance while benefiting from proportional discounts based on the volume of your order. We also provide a variety of payment options to suit your needs. Reach out to our sales team for any inquiries about our customised package options. We're happy to help!

only 978€
per review
(2% discount)
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only 2370€
per review
(5% discount)
only 4491€
per review
(10% discount)
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