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Case Study - Bridgemaker

Bridgemaker relies on caralegal as the basic equipment for all ventures

“Each of our ventures is equipped with the building blocks it needs to be successful in the market. With caralegal we have found data protection management software with which we give every venture a DNA that takes data protection into account right from the start.”

Alicia Faridi, Head of Venture Service & Operations

About Bridgemaker

Bridgemaker is the leading, independent company builder in Germany and supports partners in brainstorming, validating and scaling new business models.

Industry sectors

Venture Builder for Life Science, Logistics, Mobility & Finance

Company size

>100 employees




Data protection in focus right from the start

Supporting its customers in taking innovative paths and developing their own new business model is Bridgemaker's core task. As a company builder, Bridgemaker accompanies these ventures from idea generation through conception to spin-off and scaling. Bridgemaker builds business models industry-agnostic, i.e. across a wide range of industry topics such as life science, logistics and mobility, but also from highly regulated markets such as banking.

Bridgemaker supports its customers as a partner both in the first steps and further along and offers them the full portfolio: from financial governance to sales, marketing and human resources, to product design and the latest technologies. Always with the aim of making the venture the market leader of tomorrow. Bridgemaker therefore provides its customers with central tools and best practices right from the start - the selection for these is made based on the venture's respective business concept. The goal is for the ventures to work as independently as possible.


Looking for scalable and efficient data protection software

The tool must also offer scalability for new organizations. The central processes and associated processing activities of the ventures are often similar. There is therefore a need to take this into account in data protection management and to speed up data protection documentation. Bridgemaker supports partners from various business areas and was therefore looking for a solution for all industries in the area of ​​data protection.

Two things were particularly important to Alicia Faridi: a really user-friendly operation of the software and a data protection support function: “Each of our ventures should be able to work independently in all areas. Although I am not a data protection expert, at caralegal I always know what needs to be done and what needs to be done next. That makes me feel good about myself and our ventures.”

Why Bridgemaker chose caralegal:
Integrated legal assistance function makes work easier
Central management of cross-company processes
Transparency and overview at the touch of a button for all ventures

caralegal as basic equipment for all ventures

Together with caralegal, these best practice approaches to data protection are implemented. When the collaboration began, the software was initially introduced in two ventures and at Bridgemaker itself.

With the compliance dashboard, Bridgemaker and its ventures always have an eye on all data protection KPIs, i.e. all information and key figures relevant to them: such as the type and scope of processing activities, current tasks and document updates. Alicia Faridi is particularly impressed by the smart linkage within the software, including the linking of VVTs with other software elements such as service provider management: “With just a few clicks, we can create the new, updated VVT when we change service providers. That saves time.” This means that all requirements arising from the GDPR can be fully met.

Central processes in ventures are often similar. Thanks to the linking and clear administration within caralegal, the associated processing activities for the new ventures can be created quickly and efficiently and the data protection documentation can then be created in just a few steps. caralegal is easy to use and offers support at important points in the implementation of data protection regulations. The ventures can work independently with the software, caralegal becomes the basic equipment: “All of our ventures start with a mandatory basic package of tools, such as Jira, Google Drive and Personio. But like the venture, the tool stack is also evolving and we are pleased to now include caralegal in the basic tool kit for all ventures in the area of ​​data protection,” says Alicia Faridi.


Let's grow together

The aim of Bridgemaker and caralegal is to follow the path laid out together and in partnership. The needs and requirements of Bridgemaker, whose ventures represent a range of different industries and business models, are taken into account by caralegal in order to make data protection management even better and, above all, more efficient. Following the example of the Privacy by Design approach, not only great new business models are created, but also sustainable and data protection-oriented corporate successes.


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