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Data protection tool: “Lengthy spreadsheets have become outdated!”

Somewhere in Germany. kfzteile24's Legal Counsel had been going through a challenging period. The company's process evaluation had been completed, consuming a significant amount of time and effort. His data protection advisor introduced him to caralegal, a cutting-edge software that promised to streamline his work and save valuable time. The solution immediately impressed, prompting kfzteile24 to bid farewell to lengthy Excel spreadsheets and embrace AI-driven solutions, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. But, let's start from the beginning.

About kfzteile24

kfzteile24 is a young, medium-sized company that specialises in the distribution of spare parts and car accessories.

Industry sectors

eCommerce, Automotive

Company size

>550 employees


Berlin, Germany


Our customer: kfzteile24

kfzteile24 is what is known as an omnichannel or multichannel company. In addition to its successful online shop for car parts and accessories, the company operates its own stores with attached master workshops. The company boasts an impressive inventory of 2.5 million products. At kfzteile24, both business and private customers get the best of both worlds: the company combines the advantages of online retailers, such as a wide range of products at fair prices, with those of traditional wholesalers, which include fast and reliable delivery and high-quality service. This is exceptional because the spare parts market is still somewhat dormant and one of the last markets where online retail has not yet fully taken hold. A total of 10,000 products are shipped from the logistics centre in Brandenburg.

Furthermore, the company has increasingly invested in its B2B business over the years. Slightly more than half of all customers are now workshops and workshop-related businesses. These customers in the eastern German region are delivered up to three times a day by kfzteile24's own delivery teams.

The Berlin-based company also serves the Austrian market with kfzteile24. With its subsidiary Carpardoo, the company allows customers to order spare parts through the online platform in the Netherlands, Denmark, and France. kfzteile24 places a strong emphasis on customer-centricity, offering various delivery options and providing expert advice to its customers. And, kfzteile24 is committed to investing in its data protection management! This is where we come in.


Data protection - an imperative for modern organisations

The Legal Counsel, who is supported by his entire Legal Team, handles all legal matters for the company. In recent years, data protection coordination has also fallen within his responsibilities – supported by a data protection consultancy since 2018, which informed him about a new data protection tool on the market: caralegal.

So, the Legal Counsel began his research: What can caralegal do, and what can others do? He found several data protection tools for GDPR compliance that had been on the market for a long time. However, these tools were rigid in their functionality and nowhere near as flexible as caralegal. They were not as user-friendly, did not have an appealing UX design, and were not multilingual. For an international company where every fourth employee speaks English, multilingual support is a must!

The Legal Counsel quickly realised that caralegal was the right choice. However, introducing new tools is not easy. It required convincing the budget decision-makers. Annika Scholz, a consultant from caralegal, provided all crucial information in advance, forming the basis for the meticulously planned presentation of caralegal.


One last privacy spreadsheet: pros and cons of data protection tools

The Legal Counsel prepared a memo. It addressed the current status of the company and the question of what challenges still needed to be overcome in terms of data protection. It also discussed the benefits that caralegal could provide to kfzteile24.

In summary, caralegal is a helpful legal assistant that can automate processes and improve cross-departmental collaboration. But what would it cost? To answer this question, a cost analysis was conducted with the assistance of the caralegal consultant. It also considered the time and costs that could be saved in the long term through the use of caralegal.

kfzteile24 saves time in data protection management with caralegal

The focal point was the process evaluation in 2018. Back then, a form was initially completed by employees, which then made its way to the Legal Department and eventually to the Data Protection Officer. The analysis revealed that caralegal could lead to cost savings in the mid-five-figure range, along with substantial time savings. It was unquestionable that the adoption of the data protection tool was promptly approved.


Farewell to email, Excel, and lengthy communication. Welcome caralegal!

"During the contract negotiation phase, caralegal was exceptionally cooperative. We worked together to develop specific customisations for kfzteile24. With caralegal, we have a very good and fair partner who takes a closer look at the industry and caters to the specific needs of customers," said the Legal Counsel upon contract completion.

The employees were also thrilled because everyone knew that caralegal truly saved valuable time. Lengthy spreadsheets for data protection documentation simply have become outdated and slow down computers. Another IT-related advantage: caralegal is a cloud solution, allowing users to work with it anytime, anywhere.

Currently, departmental responsibilities are integrated into the data protection tool, with all legal department employees using it, as well as contact persons who fill out or revise procedure sheets. In the first step, the old procedure directory was imported, and various terms that were used were standardised, thanks to caralegal's unique resource feature. Data processing agreements have since been imported, and an initial data protection impact assessment has been carried out. In the coming months, kfzteile24's various departments will be increasingly involved, with caralegal employees providing them with appropriate training.

"For the future, we hope to achieve significant time savings. Thanks to the embedded AI in caralegal, departments can react more quickly. In the past, we would send an email saying, 'Can you please do this?' Today, we can generate requests and responses directly from caralegal. The entire process is much faster!"

This article is based on an interview with the legal counsel of kfzteile24. As a fully qualified lawyer, he advises the company on all legal matters with a focus on data protection, contract management and general civil law issues.

Ms. Anne Golombeck, Senior PR Manager at kfzteile24 GmbH, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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