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Data protection tool: “A mega-long Excel table is simply no longer appropriate!”

2021. Somewhere in Germany. kfzteile24's legal counsel has had a tough time. The company's process evaluation was created and took a lot of time and energy. His data protection advisor told him about caralegal, a software that would save him a lot of work and was brand new. The program was immediately convincing and so kfzteile24 began to say goodbye to long Excel tables - in return came AI and time and cost savings. But first things first.

About kfzteile24

kfzteile24 is a young, medium-sized company that specializes in the distribution of spare parts and car accessories.

Industry sectors

eCommerce, Automotive

Company size

>550 employees




Our customer: kfzteile24

kfzteile24 is a so-called omnichannel or multichannel company. In addition to the successful online shop for car parts and vehicle accessories, the company also operates its own branches with affiliated master workshops. The range includes a total of 2.5 million products. At kfzteile24, commercial and private customers get the best of both worlds: The company combines the advantages of online retailers, i.e. a wide range at fair prices, with those of traditional wholesalers, which includes fast and reliable delivery as well as a high price Service quality. This is extraordinary, because the spare parts market is still in a sleeping beauty state, so to speak, and is one of the last markets in which online trading has not yet made a breakthrough. 10,000 products are delivered from the logistics location in Brandenburg alone.

The company has also invested more in its B2B business over the past few years. A little more than half of all customers are now workshops and workshop-related businesses. These customers in eastern Germany are delivered up to three times a day by our own delivery teams.

The Berlin company also serves the Austrian market with kfzteile24. With the subsidiary Carpardoo, you can also order spare parts via the online platform in the Netherlands, Denmark and France. kfzteile24 thinks customer-centered, offers a wide range of delivery options and has its customers advised by people with expertise. And: kfzteile24 invests in its data protection management! This is where we come into play.


Data protection impact assessment – ​​everyone has to do that now

The legal counsel, together with the entire legal team, supports the company in all legal matters. His area of ​​responsibility has also included data protection coordination for several years - since 2018 supported by a data protection consultant who tipped him off to a new data protection tool on the market: caralegal.

So the legal counsel started researching: What can caralegal do and what can others do? He found some data protection tools for implementing the GDPR that have been on the market for a long time. However, these were very rigid in their functions and not nearly as flexible as caralegal. And not so user-friendly. And not such an appealing UX design. And not multilingual either. For an international company where one in four employees speaks English: a must!

It quickly became clear to the legal counsel that caralegal was needed. But establishing new tools is not easy. The budget managers had to be persuaded. Annika Scholz, a consultant at caralegal, provided support in advance with a price confirmation as well as presentation material, which formed the basis of the almost meticulously planned presentation of caralegal.


One last data protection Excel table: pros and cons of data protection tools

The Legal Counsel prepared a memo. It was about the current status of the company and the question of what challenges still needed to be overcome in terms of data protection. And of course about what advantages caralegal would offer for kfzteile24.

In short: caralegal is a supportive legal assistance that can be used to automate processes and improve cross-departmental collaboration. But what should the fun cost? To answer this question, a cost breakdown was made with the support of the caralegal consultant. It was also about what time and costs could be saved in the long term through caralegal.

kfzteile24 gains time in data protection management with caralegal

The core part was the process evaluation in 2018. At that time, something was initially filled out by employees, then went to the legal department and later to the data protection officer. The list showed that with caralegal you can save costs in the mid five-figure range and also a lot of time. There is no question that the purchase of the data protection tool was immediately confirmed


Goodbye email, Excel and long communication channels! Hello caralegal!

“Caralegal was extremely cooperative during the contract initiation process. Special adaptations were worked out together and assimilated for kfzteile24. With caralegal you have a very good, very fair partner who takes a close look at the industry and responds to the individual needs of the customers," said the Legal Counsel after the conclusion of the contracts."

The employees were also thrilled because everyone knew that caralegal really saved valuable time. Mega-long Excel tables for data protection documentation are simply no longer up-to-date and paralyze the PC. Another IT technical advantage: caralegal is a cloud solution, so you can work with it anytime and anywhere.

Those responsible for the departments are currently connected to the data protection tool and all employees in the legal department work with it, as well as contact persons who have to fill out or revise procedural sheets. In the first step, the old procedure directory was added and the different terms that were used were standardized. Thanks to the unique resource feature, this is very easy with caralegal. In the meantime, contract data processing contracts have been entered and an initial data protection impact assessment has been carried out. In the coming months, the specialist departments at kfzteile24 will be more and more involved. You will receive appropriate instructions from caralegal employees.

“We hope to save enormous amounts of time in the future. The AI ​​in caralegal allows the specialist departments to react more quickly. We used to write an e-mail: 'Can you please do it?' Today we can generate orders and responses directly from caralegal. The whole process is much, much faster!”

This article is based on an interview with the legal counsel of kfzteile24. As a fully qualified lawyer, he advises the company on all legal matters with a focus on data protection, contract management and general civil law issues.

Ms. Anne Golombeck, Senior PR Manager at kfzteile24 GmbH, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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