Features of our Data Protection Management Software

Numerous and sophisticated functions of caralegal control your group or company-wide data protection in such a way that you meet all requirements of the GDPR. Sustainable, process-oriented and effective.
The software answers data protection-related questions, supports documentation and - through constant further development of AI - takes over ever greater parts of the data protection-related auditing effort: from automatic threshold analyses for risk assessment, the identification and documentation of data protection incidents to the determination and clear dashboard view of data protection compliance. The basic and complex processes involved in implementing legal data protection requirements cost time. Time that you can invest in strategic initiatives in the future with caralegal!

Compliance Dashboard

Keep a permanent overview of data protection compliance in your company and display all important data protection KPIs in your individualised dashboard.


Directory of processing activities

Record all processing activities in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way. Gain a structured overview of all data processing activities.

Data protection impact assessment

Simplify the documentation of risky processing activities through an intelligent link to the record of processing activities and the technical and organisational measures (TOM).


Data subject enquiry and authority procedures

Efficient processing of your enquiries. All relevant documents are clearly presented, record of processing activities, Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and data processing agreement (DPA) are seamlessly integrated. Submission to the authority can be made at the push of a button.


Order processing

Manage your service providers quickly and easily with automated checks to determine whether an order processing contract is required. Synchronisation and linking of the directories with each other takes place automatically.


Data protection violations

Respond to data protection incidents in a timely manner and be as prepared as possible. Optimised audit processes and intelligent detection of potential breaches effectively and promptly alert you.

Role and organisation management

Map any company structure no matter how complex in caralegal and assign individual authorisations for the respective users.

Export function

Export legally required documents such as the directory of processing activities, data protection impact assessments and other technical measures.


Task management & comment function

Create tasks for yourself or other users and use the comment function to work collaboratively and efficiently on documents.

Employee training

Keep track of completed data protection training and increase awareness of data protection in your company.

Multi-factor authentication

Secure access to the application with configurable multi-factor authentication. Mandatory for all users if required.



Stay informed about your own and other tasks at all times, optionally through customisable in-app or email notifications.

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