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Choose the right legal basis

The right ones According to Art. 6 GDPR, the processing of personal data is only permitted if there is a legal basis. The data protection management software caralegal makes it easier for you to determine the legal basis using the A.I.-based suggestion

Get support with your processing activities

Selecting the right legal basis usually requires the involvement of data protection experts. Standards have already been established in practice for a large number of classic processing activities. Companies need the consent of the data subject to provide a newsletter. The A.I.-based data protection management software caralegal recognizes the purpose of your processing activities and can make suggestions to you thanks to the large number of processing activities that have already been legally verified.

Automatically recognize the legal basis for processing

AI-supported algorithms recognize the purpose of your processing activity and determine the corresponding legal basis.

Manage legal bases centrally

Keep track of the legal basis for processing and automatically link these to your list of processing activities.

Assign legal bases across countries

Internationally active companies in particular must comply with local regulations when it comes to data protection management. With caralegal you can assign legal bases to individual organizational units with just a few clicks.

Get to know these and other functions in detail

Our product experts will be happy to introduce you to the functions of the caralegal platform in a personal appointment.

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