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Data protection in the healthcare sector

Meeting the requirements in healthcare data protection

With caralegal, healthcare organizations comply not only with the GDPR but also with the special data protection regulations from the state hospital laws (LkHG) DiGAV, MDR.
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Legally compliant data protection documentation with intelligent support

Art. 9 GDPR places particularly high demands on the protection of sensitive personal health data. Therefore, data protection authorities have high expectations regarding the scope and professionalism of data protection documentation and information security in healthcare. With caralegal, data protection and compliance officers in the healthcare sector also fulfill those obligations of proof of the data protection authorities that go beyond the written form of the DSGVO.
Documentation proven by authorities
Data protection officers use caralegal to implement the current requirements of the data protection authorities in health data protection.
Innovative Rechtsexpertise
Intelligent functions, such as the service provider compliance check or smart recommendations for action, simplify DSGVO compliance for health data.
Integrated Knowledge Center
Save time with templates created and reviewed by legal experts specifically for healthcare providers.
How do you implement the special requirements in health data protection?
Through our many years of experience in healthcare data protection and exchanges with data protection authorities, we know the required standards in data protection documentation for organizations that process healthcare data.

We have implemented this knowledge in the Healthcare module, which is based on our privacy management software. The Healthcare module helps organizations of all sizes to efficiently meet the requirements of the authorities.
The best practices in data protection management in one software
Complete linking
See at any time in which processes an external service provider processes personal data.
Intuitive workflow
Create your processing activities and your data protection impact assessment step by step.
Individual configuration
Manage data types, groups of people, and legal bases as you see fit.
Expanded processing directory
Document and link required information to meet your health privacy recordkeeping obligations at all times.
Risk management integrated into DSFA
With caralegal, you create the data protection impact assessment according to Art. 35 DSGVO exactly as expected by data protection authorities.
Precise management of your TOM
Assign even more precise technical and organizational measures to your processing activities or service providers.
Optimized for healthcare requirements
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use cases

Developed for and with healthcare companies

Medical device manufacturer
Medical device manufacturers benefit with caralegal from the structured recording of processing activities and the integrated risk analysis during DSFA.
Create your processing activities and your data protection impact assessment step by step.
Medical care centers gain efficiency in legally compliant DSGVO documentation with the central data protection software caralegal.
Health-Tech Company
caralegal makes it easier for digital health applications (DiGAs) and digital care applications (DiPAs) to comply with the required data protection requirements.
With caralegal, the legal bases from the respective state hospital laws as well as the DSGVO are efficiently documented and data protection is controlled across the board.
Health IT Provider
Providers of HIS, PVS and LIS control their data protection management clearly with caralegal. The software adapts to the legal requirements.
"In my central control function, it is particularly important that I have an overall view of data protection in the network. caralegal offers the possibilities to retrieve important information with one mouse click instead of having to collect it from all locations via email."
Dr. Niclas Krohm
Head of Data Privacy and Corporate Privacy Officer
Data protection in healthcare

Work effectively, collaboratively and cross-functionally

Collaborate with departments
Easily integrate departments on our user-friendly platform. Assign tasks to individual responsible persons and keep track of open and completed tasks at all times.
Identifizierung, Bewertung und Minimierung von Risiken
As part of the data protection impact assessment, perform a risk assessment to first identify risks, then evaluate them and subsequently define adequate technical and organizational measures.
Manage legal bases on an organization-specific basis
With caralegal, you create the legal bases for data processing centrally and can therefore easily map country or organization-specific regulations. You then flexibly assign these to individual organizational units.
Train workforce in health data protection
In addition to observing medical confidentiality, there are numerous other measures that can support data protection in your organization. Our innovative eLearning solution ensures sustainable data protection awareness and successfully equips your employees for everyday work.
There is a better way for your data protection management.
See for yourself how caralegal improves your data protection management. We show you all the functions in detail.

Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Can't find the answers to your questions? Our Product team is there for you.
What are the special requirements in health data protection?
According to Art. 9 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation, health data are "special categories of personal data". These data are to be classified as "particularly worthy of protection" and processing is generally prohibited. However, so-called permissions in the GDPR lift this prohibition, which means that the processing of health data is permissible in exceptional cases. The special requirements in data protection management now lie, on the one hand, in limiting the actual data processing to the permissible circumstances and, on the other hand, in demonstrating at all times how the protection goals according to Art. 5 GDPR are achieved for the sensitive health data.
Who is caralegal health for?
caralegal health was developed by data protection and IT security experts based on years of experience in health data protection. Our data protection management software benefits companies in the healthcare sector, such as medical device manufacturers, laboratories, hospitals, medical centers, health startups, and health IT service providers who want to professionalize their data protection management.
Can I use templates in caralegal health?
In the privacy software, we provide you with privacy expert:in-tested templates for various healthcare organizations that you can customize to meet your needs.